What do I need to join a ride?

We are a trail riding group. Although we do enjoy just visiting with people but in order to join the actual trail ride, you will need …

  • An equine partner (yes, the horse/mule)
  • Current Coggins ( the annual test from the vet)
  • The ride registration fee (we wish all this could be free)



Who is SMTR?

Our club was founded to enable equestrians in Southern Maryland and the surrounding areas the opportunity to enjoy the trail riding experience. We are non-competitive, and riders can enjoy the pre-marked trails at their own pace.

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New to SMTR?

It can be a little scary doing something that you have never done before. We understand.  So you saw the a ride flyer and found the website, look like you might want to try this out but you have no idea how to join a ride.  Here, let us help you.

  • Each flyer has directions on the bottom as well as an actual address to the ride location.

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Next Steps…

We have sponsored trail rides all over Southern Maryland. Many are on private farms. We do themed rides and we even do a Judged Trail Ride once year. If you are a “horse camping” type, don’t miss the annual Overnight Ride.  Although we are always open to guest riders, you get a discount all year long if you join the Membership.