About SMTR

Our club was founded to enable equestrians in Southern Maryland and the surrounding areas the opportunity to enjoy the trail riding experience. We are non-competitive, and riders can enjoy the pre-marked trails at their own pace. Our board members are there to offer assistance if needed. We are a non-competitive club, providing as many opportunities as possible to host group rides on private land otherwise not available to the public. This is done through the generosity of local land owners. If you are a land owner or know of a land owner who would be interested in hosting a group ride for information about hosting a ride. We host monthly rides which generally end with a gathering of friends over great food either sold or brought in as a covered dish.  We also host at least one overnight/weekend ride held in August and two General Meetings per year, one at the start of the year to welcome in new board members and one in July.

Meet the SMTR Board

Our Officers and Board of Directors serve on a voluntary basis, and are elected by the general membership annually (except for 2 year board positions). Meetings are open to the membership, and held the second Wednesday of each month. Contact Lisa Durst for more information or directions.

Executive Officers

President: Brittany Hoffman

Vice President: Lucinda O’Harran

Treasurer: George Dickson

Secretary: Shelby Anderson

Sergeant-at-Arms: JR Anderson

Reporter: Debbie Hanson


Two Year Directors

Wesley Lockhart

Lisa Durst

Pam Kern

Doria Fleisher


One Year Directors

Lora Kendrick

Mary Chaney

Maria Norris

Rosslyn Joholski

What does the SMTR Board do?

Meetings are open to the membership, and held the second Wednesday of each month at a current Board Members house at 6:30.  You are invited to come check it out. Email smtrhorses@outlook.com for current meeting address.

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