FAQ -  and some answers

Why does every horse need a current negative coggins?

Simply put, it's the law. There are several pieces of information easy to find about what a coggins. Along with many about why people question the need. Well it all comes down to one thing. You are required to show a current negative coggins in order to travel with you horse.  Simple as that.

Why the restricted registration times?

Can we just show up and ride when we want? Well if it between registration start and last rider out then yes.  Here is the deal, its about keep track of the people that actually riding under SMTR liability. Once you register, you are signing into the club insurance. This not only protect us but you as well.  Many of the rides are being hosted on private land. This means that the land owner are only allowing people to ride for a slotted time. Other than that, you are actually a trespasser. Thirdly, once the last rider goes out, typically the drag riders do too.  That way they make sure everyone is accounted for and safely back at the end of the ride. It's a SAFETY thing.

What if we have a question?

Feel free to contact us.