Ride Hosting

Our club is non competitive and non profit. We do this because we think our area has a lot to offer it's equestrians.We'd especially like to encourage land owners the opportunity to host a ride open to SMTR members and registered participants. You don't have to own the land to host a ride, but you do have to work with SMTR in order to coordinate the process, and have permission to schedule an event. Hint: Benefit rides are becoming very popular (and profitable!) in today's economy! 

How does this benefit you?

Prior to the ride, the SMTR trail development crew can help you develop new trails, clear existing trails, and in some cases can mark those trails for our ride (if necessary).

The ride host shares 50% of the profit after expenses (expenses include ride insurance, advertising, printing of flyers, advances if applicable), so the bigger the ride, the bigger the ride split.

How does SMTR protect you?

Insurance is established through SMTR and each farm is listed for Co-insured prior to the ride.