Welcome to SMTR

Well you found the website. You must have some interest or you would not be reading this.  So do you trail ride? Lets assume you do. Now whether you own your horse or have access by another means, its all about the same when group trail riding. There are a few things you need to have in order to participate.

  1. You need a current coggins for the horse you would like to ride.
  2. You need to know where you going in order join the event.
    1. You don't have to preregister for most SMTR events.
    2. Typically the address and directions are on the event flyer.
    3. Once you become a member, you also get all this information in the Trail Talk Newsletter.
  3. Once you decide what event you want to try, I find it very useful to look at it on google maps.  You can see where parking lots are and much of the terrain you will be seeing.
  4. Now look at the time for start of registration. Do your self a favor and show up just after that. Why?  Several reasons, not only will there likely be other trailers coming in and easy to follow. There will most likely be others trailers already parked. You can see where you should be and how they are parking.
  5. At this point find a safe area within the rest the trailers.
    1. Please don't take more space than needed.
    2. Keep in mind there will more trailers coming as well.
    3. Each person should be able to try their horse to one side or the other sometimes both.
    4. Make sure where you park, you can also get out of.
  6. Most trailers are parked in reasonable rows. Rarely are they done randomly.
  7. Now your at the location with your trailer parked.
  8. It is your preference whether  you leave your horse(s) in the trailer while you register or unload, tie and go register.
    1. Some location do require registration before unloading.
  9. Find the registration table and take you coggins and money.
    1. Yes, most rides are not free. There is a lot of effort that go into every ride and rarely is the preparation free.
    2. If you are not a member, your fee will be a non-member fee. ( Just a bit higher)
    3. The registration table will help you with all the registration and explain the ride.
  10. If this is the first time you have a done a group, let them know at registration. This is a friendly group and it is likely that they will have someone be able to ride with you.
  11. Questions? All you need to is ask.
  12. Make sure to ask about the trail or directions.
    1. Trails are usually marked and sometimes there are maps available for you. Just ask.
    2. Make sure to take your cellphone. Even if you don't think you need it.
    3. Make sure you get whichever POC number is used for the that particular ride. Help is only phone call away.
  13. So your back from your ride. Was is a good time? Of course.  Im sure you are hungry.
  14. Well take your horse to your trailer and make sure you offer water and food. Untack so they can relax. Check you tie to the trailer then come on over to registration table or somewhere about.
  15. SMTR usually has food available for purchase. Its not expensive. It does vary from being a food truck to a caterer to cooking on the grill by volunteers. Feel free to pull up lawn chair and relax. Say hello to those around. Make a new friend.
  16. I think once you get this far, your set. You just need to load up and find your way home. Once you get there, look up the next SMTR event and put it on your calendar.

It will be great to meet you. Bring your horse and enjoy this wonderful Southern Maryland area.

Next Steps...

Check out the events and see any of the upcoming rides interest you.