This page is special.

Its just for our SMTR members.

Why do we have to pay to ride with you at a park?

This happens to be the most asked question of the year. It also an easy answer.  Insurance in order to host rides for your enjoyment it cost money. If there is a theme or game or something to hopefully make it more that just a ride in the park, themes are not free. However, the biggest reason is that whether is in a park or on a private property, the insurance costs most the same. I say mostly since some place want extra stipulations and they cost more. Either way, the club pays over $1000 in liability insurance a year for your protection. No one other than the SMTR budget pays that. So yes the answer is simple, insurance.

How do I get my voice heard on a matter?

Contact your SMTR board.  You can contact us through this site, through Facebook, through messaging. Anything really. Please remember that if you simply just talk to one of us in casual conversation, we are all busy people and we may forget so if you send a message in a written manner, you have a good chance to be heard. Of course there is one sure fire way to be heard. Join us for a board meeting. The second Wednesday of every month at the Hughesville Fire House at 6:30pm all members are welcome all the time.